Your marketing and sales efforts need to be more effective and more efficient with the dollars you spend and the time you invest. You have to be able to show a good return on investment. All of this needs to be accomplished in today’s fast-paced, instant information, and highly competitive environment. Your customers face critical business decisions. They expect more from you than ever before. How can you reach the decision-makers to accelerate their buying process? The answer is through Experience-Sharing Marketing (ESM) strategies that effectively and efficiently bring solutions to your prospects through the experiences of your customers, influencing behavior change and delivering measurable results.


Natural Harvest Farms creates unique strategies that allow your prospects to learn from your best customers and leading industry experts. We help you build relationships and drive behavior change. In the end you get stronger brand advocates and deeper penetration of your marketing messages. You’ll also hear first-hand customer insights and see measurable results.


The NHF team is developing a diverse portfolio of projects that take advantage of the disruptive potential of industrial hemp. The ultimate goal is to provide value to shareholders on a consistent basis while making the transition of providing clean technologies, efficient processing and quality manufacturing to the world. Management recognizes the immediate need to develop and maintain environmentally friendly business practices and believes that this exceptional plant is the key.

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